THEORIE 1 (u/gotit1111) Trusted Leaker (Episode 5 Leaks Included):

1:- Varys dies next episode (Dany burns him alive),

2:- Dany and Unsullied fuck up kings landing and they begin to surrender but the surrender bells that sound off in a tower literally “break” Dany mentally and she goes pure mad targaryan.

3:- It sounds like it is setting up Jon and Grey Worm confrontation. Grey Worm also lets his anger get the better of him as Lannister troops surrender he says fuck it and throws a spear at a soldier which starts a crazy riot where

4:- Dany’s army starts raping and pillaging everyone. Jon is like wtf apparantly but gets caught up in the battle to really do anything (lannisters start attacking again). There was a leak I read earlier I’ll try and find it because what my source was telling me was very similiar to that leak and they more or less confirmed everything in that leak 100% true.” 

5:- Unsullied are just indiscriminately killing (women and children) and Dothraki go on a rape rampage. Source didnt get specific but I dont see Unsullied doing any penetrating except with an actual spear.

6:- Cleganebowl happens this episode (5) and they do both die.

7:- Grey Worm and Jon have a big stare down and Grey Worm thinks Jon is gonna start killing Unsullied so hes like waiting for Jon to turn on Dany so he can kill him but a Lannister soldier distracts Jon instead.

8:- Source says they are heavily saying Dany is going mad so I would put some weight to the leaks saying Jon kills Dany. I mentioned that to the source and they just said “Oh yeah definitely leading up to that” so take that for what it is.

9:- No mention of Arya unfortunately, she must be more for episode 6? 

THEORIE 2 (The Walking Dead Spoiler Group):

1:- Something happens to make the Unsullied go bat shit crazy. They rampage kill men, women, and children. Might be related to Missandei.

2:- Tyrion is arrested on Dany’s command but does not know his fate at this point. Though he wasn’t seen again after this event from the source.

3:- Cersei does die. Was not told if it was by Arya or if it’s Arya disguised as Jamie when asked.

4:- Dany turns evil and that the actual ending is bittersweet.

5:- When asked if Jon kills Dany and the Iron Throne is destroyed. Source said that it was the closest anyone has guessed.

6:- Source asked what will happen to Bronn? It was suggested that he’d play a pertinent role.

7:- Kings Landing is devastated by the attack. The ramparts that were on either side of Cersei and Missandei are burnt to a crisp.

8:- Cleganebowl happens, but source does not know the outcome.

9:- Source hinted that Jaime might kill Euron.

10:- Pyrotechnics team tested fuel that glowed green. So wildfire is perhaps coming back into play?

THEORIE 2 (u/throwaway5873421) (Provided Leaks Of E04):

1:- Euron’s fleet takes down Rhaegal.

2:- Jaime betrays the North. Missandei is captured.

3:- Dany’s army captures Jaime. Brienne tries to talk to him but he refuses.

4:- Sansa tells Tyrion about Jon’s lineage. Tyrion tells Varys.

5:- Varys betrays Dany because he thinks Jon would be a better ruler.

6:- Cersei has Missandei executed.

7:- Dany has Varys executed. Dany assaults King’s Landing and it’s one-sided as hell.

8:- Tyrion begs her to show mercy but she refuses.

9:- Tyrion frees Jaime to try to get Cersei out of the city.

10:- King’s Landing gets wrecked in the battle. Drogon burns Euron’s fleet.

11:- The Hound fights his brother. They both die.

12:- Jaime fights Euron and kills him, but Jaime is mortally wounded.

13:- Jaime makes it to Cersei and they die together.

14:- Dany is executing everyone in King’s Landing. Jon and Tyrion are upset.

15:- Dany has Tyrion arrested to be executed for freeing Jaime.

16:- Tyrion tries to convince Jon that his family will never be safe because his lineage makes him a threat to Dany’s rule.

17:- Jon tries to talk to Dany but she justifies her actions.

18:- Jon pledges himself to Dany but then stabs her, then surrenders himself.

19:- A council gets formed to decide who the King should be. Tyrion gives a speech and everyone votes on Bran to become King. The end.

20:- In the epilogue, Jon takes the black again for killing Dany. Arya leaves. Sansa rules the North. Bran oversees his council of Tyrion, Davos, Sam, and Bronn

Q&A By User (u/throwaway5873421)

Q:– How sure are you about Jaime being the one killing Euron?

A :- I did see Jaime fighting Euron. Otherwise, I’m avoiding specifics because … anyone leaking at this point has seen incomplete episodes (myself included), where the CGI/editing/etc is incomplete. Not only does that mean unimportant things can change, it means we can burn ourselves or our source if we identify something that was only in a certain iteration of the episode. So, I stick to the main important plot points, the ones that shouldn’t change. I guess how Euron dies to is pretty unimportant compared to the rest, but we’ll see how it unfolds. That sounds like a lot of Euron screentime to me, and Tyrion is arrested to be put on trial, he’s just not killed. Another reason to avoid specifics is that most legitimate leakers have watched things chopped up, which makes it difficult to interpret specific character motivations. If we see Dany keep Jaime confined and Tyrion free him to try to save Cersei, that leads to certain assumptions about why he’s confined. So… we’ll see, I guess. Almost all of the bullet points I posted should be broadly accurate.

Q:- I understand what you are saying. I can assume then that you saw a scene where Jon takes the black then what’s your confidence of that?

A:- He definitely takes the black and returns north. Based off some leaks coming out today for tonight’s episode that have a scene with Bran I never saw, it seems like King Bran will be involved in that decision.

Q:- Do you know anymore details about Cersei? Do Jaime and Cersei have any more scenes together except them dying together?

A:- When Jaime shows up to try to get Cersei out of the city, she has this speech about just wanting the baby to survive. Jaime tells her that the baby never mattered, that only she mattered, that only they mattered. That’s when they die together.

The Mountain gets his helmet knocked off and looks dumb. The Hound tackles him off a ledge and they both land in fire and burn to death.

I indeed do not say that… I don’t know why he takes the black. The thing about legitimate leaks is that legitimate leakers almost always see the episode in a chopped up, incomplete state, unless it’s literally about to air, so character motivations are the hardest thing to interpret (and therefore the easiest thing to be wrong about). It’s like if you watched an episode out-of-order, muted, and with scenes missing.

Drogon is on the loose and following orders. Dany definitely gives orders that make the situation much worse than it needs to be. Drogon is pretty much a nuke who follows her every order


Part I

-The episode begins with Daenerys in Dragonstone.

-She is very sad about what happened in the previous episode.

-Her hair is messy because Missandei died and she feels defeated.

-Tyrion and Varys are still arguing; Varys wants to betray her now so that she does not burn the King’s Landing.

-Tyrion tells him he will not do it. We see Tyrion and Greyworm tell him that Gendry has arrived. The scene is cut.[t/n: DRAGON ARMOR BITCHES. This is my personal opinion, but it can be that Gendry just creates an armor for Dany.]

Part II

-Then we see Jon with the Dothraki, Unsullied and the rest of the army

[NEW INFO: Jon arrives first in Dragonstone first just like in the photos, but Dany is already in KL. Battle commences, and after they reunite at King’s Landing]

-They talk about how they are going to die and those silly things.

-Tyrion warns Jon that Daenerys [might soon] lose the dragon and her mind.

-Jon defends her saying “She is my queen and I trust her” and he gives Tyrion to look like the one he gave to Sansa in Episode 4 [during the meeting].

-We see Cersei talking to Euron and telling him that he has to win for his son, Euron asks him how Tyrion knows about his baby. Cersei tells him that it will not matter after they win the great war.

Part III

-Cut to Arya and The Hound arriving at the King’s Landing.

-Cut to Jon again, he has asked Gray Worm and Tyrion where Daenerys is and Tyrion is telling him that she’s already in King’s Landing.

-Gold Company members come out and have a hostage [t/n: some other random leak describe this as someone in black hoods, OP does not know who it is, but most comments guess it’s Daario,].

-Euron is on the boats and sees the Yara’s boats. Then he hears Drogon’s scream [t/n: the one in the trailer]. Daenerys is using Aegon’s strategy when he invaded Harrenhal. We see her attacking from the top. She and Drogon scream at the same time. We see that both are wearing armor (she uses Dracarys on Euron ships, the fleet is combination of Yara’s and Dany) .

-Has the music like “Shall We Begin?” but much more intense.

-Euron and his men shoot Drogon and Daenerys but Daenerys dodges them like a pro.

-This moment Euron knows they are “fucked up.” Men jump from their boats.

-Jon and Greyworm notice that the Golden Company has marched inside again. Greyworm says they have to wait.

Part IV

-Suddenly Drogon and Daenerys burn the Scorpions and the gate so that their armies can enter.

-We see Jon smiling at Daenerys because he knew that she was not going mad like what they tell him (the song called Truth plays).

-Well then we see the armies complete each other (all fighting together and effectively).

-Cersei did something along with Tyrion’s help [OP doesn’t know what it is, but they think it has something to do with framing Daenerys up. My guess is that Cersei triggers explosions using the wildfire. From the set leaks, we can see the gate being destroyed with linear trails-Drogon- and the interior of the keep in shattered explosions, this might check out.]

-The final scene is Daenerys and Jon face to face [Edit: from Sofia’s further replies, this is the Dragonstone convo]

New info:

-Daenerys seems to have a sword with a red stone in the middle [t/n: Seems unlikely it’s Lightbringer after all, some suggested it’s Dask Sister that Arya mentioned in Season 1, some suggested it’s Blackfyre]

-Jaimie Lannister arrives at the end of the episode to see the destruction and believes it was caused by Daenerys.

-Jon and Dany’s scene in the end is quite long 

-They hug each other first (it’s a long, emotional hug.) You can tell they missed each other because both of them have watery eyes and it seems Jon’s never going to let Daenerys go

-Jon tells her that he regrets not coming along with her when she sailed first in Dragonstone.

-Then he tells her about what Tyrion told him, [that he thinks she’s going mad].

-The scene ends with them face to face, both look appalled [t/n: perhaps towards Tyrion].

More info:

-The fight is very brutal. Greyworm is fighting like a beast, he is untouchable. Jon is fighting like when he fought against Ramsay.

-The scorpions on the back walls shoot Daenerys and Drogon and it seems like they hit them.

-Dany looked like she fell off from Drogon (***Edit: Jon looks worried and runs to the back wall to get to them but he can’t get through the Lannister armies) but Drogon does as in “Spoils of War”, he flies in front of them and torches them with Dracarys. The Hound and The Mountain meet and we’re prepped for the Cleganebowl.

Songs: Truth, Shall We Begin, Rains of Castamere (when Jaime arrives), the song of the Greyjoy’s, Spoils of War with the Dothraki. Super intense version of Truth when Jon and Daenerys are in the final scene.

Updated Infos :

-Jon says he loves Daenerys and hugs her in the DS convo scene near the end of the ep.

-Arya will use a peasant’s face to enter the castle of Cersei Lannister.

-Episode will feel like as if it’s a cross between “Battle of the Bastards” and “Spoils of War”

-Jon finds out Dany is pregnant this episode (OP is guessing that he finds out the same way that he found out after hugging Gilly, but they are not sure)