RUNTIME:-  Season 8 Episode 4 – 78 minutes

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Opened at the cremation ceremony of the Winterfell, praising him. Dany mourned Jorah (kissed both his eyes?) and looked at the bodies of each other’s close friends.

Cut off at the celebration. Tormund praised Jon and Arya for winning the battle. Dany looks jealous. Gendry can’t find Arya at the party. He goes out to find her, but Dany calls Gendry and is appointed Lord of Storm End.

(Ghost And Tormund Leaving Winterfell)

Gendry followed Arya. Asks her to marry him, but she says no.

Jamie praised Brienne while playing a game of guessing something that was not true in the band (???). The question arose. Brienne Chao Xing (???), isn’t it? Brienne got away, Jamie followed and got a love-fulfilled love.

(Basically they fuck. That’s the only part I understood from this.)

Dae (Dany?) and Jon talked about the origin of the race (his lineage?), not letting Jon tell anyone because of fear of himself having no right to the throne. Jon told me to tell Arya and Sansa.

Studying with Jamie met with Bronn, who followed the order of Qyburn then Tyrion used the skill of the mouth and hit the nose 1 time, then Bronn got a proposal that Tyrion had said. If anyone hired Bronn to kill him, he would pay double. The proposal was satisfactory. Bronn went back.

(Sorry, couldn’t really piece this together very well.)

Jon, Arya, Sansa, Bran talked, then Jon gave Bran the name of origin. sideburns

(Couldn’t make out that last part…)

Everyone is separated from Tormund. Winter is not going to win. Winterfell wants to go to the same place. Jon tells Tormund to take Ghost.

And there was a plot, but it was not so lazy to see it again. Just remember that the right hand of the king and the advisor did not agree that he should hurry to King’s landing.

(I’m assuming they mean Varys + Tyrion)

Arya leaves Winterfell. Should have the Hound followed by forgotten again.

Tyrion talked to Varys, who didn’t trust him about being betrayed.

Dany marches to Dragonstone, ready to miss Missandei and Grey Worm by the Navy. Dany here riding a dragon Jon should walk with horses.

On the way to the ship, Dany is attacked by the squadron of Euron. Rhaegal is shot in the chest and neck falling into the water. All fled ashore, but there were not many people left. Grey Worm, Missandei missing.

(I think they mean that just Missandei is missing, and maybe Grey Worm notices.)

Cersei has the innocent people go into the Red Keep to prevent Dany from attacking. If the attack was made, the innocent people would die. People would not accept Dany as Queen if this happened.

They are at Dragonstone planning to negotiate again

Dany led the army to to KL, letting Tyrion negotiate, but the offer proposed to Cersei was the same (?). Cersei ordered the Mountain to cut off Missandei’s head. Grey Worm turned away. Dany is pissed. Cut to black?