Runtime-  Season 8 Episode 2 – 58 minutes



(Here We Go With The Leaks)


Dany talks to Jaime. Jaime’s trailer “I promised to fight for the living” is in this.

Tyrion speaks for Jaime.

Sansa does not trust Jaime

Bran says “The things we do for love”

Brienne speaks for Jaime. Speaks to Sansa about Jaime telling Brienne to fulfill her oath.

Sansa says Jaime should stay because Brienne trusts him.

The tension between Jon and Daenerys. Jon leaves the Great Hall without speaking to her.

Dany is mad at Tyrion because Cersei betrayed them. As she’ll find another hand if she can not trust Tyrion

Gendry and Arya talk about the White Walker. Gendry is freaked out about the WW. Arya’s “I know death” is in this scene.

Bran and Jaime talk about Jaime pushing him out of the window. Bran isn’t angry. Says he helped Jaime because he needs to help them.

Tyrion and Jaime talk. Tyrion says he has made mistakes. Jaime says Cersei is pregnant for real.

Jaime and Brienne share a look and then have a conversation. Brienne is training soldiers and will command the left flank. Jaime says she’s come a long way.

Jaime says he will be honoured to serve under Brienne’s command.

Jorah tells Daenerys that she broke his heart when she named Tyrion hand but that she made the right choice. Dany says Tyrion made serious mistakes but Jorah thinks she should forgive Tyrion.

Conversation between Sansa and Daenerys: Dany says she thought Sansa and her were on the verge of agreement about Jaime before Brienne changed Sansa’s mind. Some talk about Cersei and family.

Sansa says they have Jon in common but that men tend to do stupid things for love. Dany says she always wanted the throne but now she is fighting Jon’s war. She is here because she loves him. Sansa says she should have thanked Dany right away. They joke about Drogo (he is taller than Jon). Dany says after the war she will take the Iron Throne Sansa wants to know what will happen to the North then.

My boy Theon shows up – hugging it up with Sansa.

Davos gives pep talks. Gilly as well.

Edd and crew shoe up and meet Jon. Someone asks about Brienne.

War Council time: NK wants an endless night according to Bran. NK knows where Bran is because his mark is on Bran.

Some talk about who will do what during the battle.

Bran and Tyrion have a conversation but the scene is cut off. Missandei gets ignored by Northern children.

Missandei and Grey Worm talk about leaving after the war.

“GHOST Appearance”

Jon and Sam talk about his parentage and when Jon will tell Dany.

Jon tells Sam he can go with Gilly to the crypts if he wants to but Sam tells Edd and Jon that he has killed a White Walker and Thenns. Really nice moment with the Night’s Watch brothers.

Jaime and Tyrion talk and drink wine. Brienne walks in. Pod wants to drink but Brienne only allows him half a cup. Davos shows up as well. In fact, a lot of people show up. Thormund talks about killing a giant with Jaime.

Arya and Sandor talk on the battlements. Arya says she has changed and asks Clegane what he is doing here since he has never fought for anyone but himself. Clegane tells her he fought for her once.

Arya goes to Gendry. They kiss. Clothes are off. There you all go.

More from the merry wine drinkers: Tyrion muses it is strange they are all there. Brienne says they’ll die with honour. They joke about surviving after all.

Brienne explains to Thormund that women can’t be knights. Thormund says if he were a king he would knight her. Jaime says any knight can make a knight and he knights her.

Jorah tells Lyanna to go to the crpts but she is not here for this. Sam stumbles upon them and gives Heartsbane to Jorah. Says that the old bear taught him to be a man and to do what is right. Giving the sword to Jorah is right.

Back to knights and wine: They sing. JENNY’S SONG omg sorry but book nerdgasm

Trailer scene while singing goes on: Grey Worm and Missandei kiss.

Jon is in the crypts in front of his mother’s statue. Daenerys joins him and they talk about Rhaegar and how Dany thought he was a kind man but he raped Lyanna. Jon tells her it is not true. He is their son. Daenerys is shocked.

She does not believe it. Jon says it is true. Daenerys says if this is true he is the last male heir to house Targaryen.

Horns! The WW are there. No Night King.

JENNYS SONG as ending credits. I can die happy now.

The episode starts with the confrontation with Jamie in Hall of Winterfell. The tension can be felt immediately in the first five minutes of the episode and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau gives one of his best acting performances of the series. Jaime talks about Cersei’s betrayal, which makes the whole situation even worse for himself.

Daenerys and the Stark girls are vouching to send Jaime away, however, Tyrion and Brienne try to change their minds. Bran is the one who finally pleads for Jaime to stay in Winterfell because he is apparently essential in the war against the Night King. Jon is remarkably quiet during this scene, which Daenerys also notes.

Next, we see King’s Landing very briefly this episode. Qyburn tells Cersei that the White Walkers will reach Winterfell very soon and that Bronn has left the city. We see a furious Euron, who has discovered that Theon has grabbed him “by the balls” and is probably laughing in his face. Cersei orders her army and Euron to deal with the treacherous “leftovers” and promises Euron that when he returns with a victory, he will be a married father. Yes, she tells Euron she’s probably “already” pregnant with their child.

After this, we finally see a scene with Gilly and Sam where Sam expresses his displeasure with Daenerys. He is also worried about Jon’s reaction to his parentage. Daenerys has an entertaining scene with Sansa, in which Sansa sneers at Daenerys. Daenerys asks Sansa what she would do with Cersei, to which Sansa answers that she shouldn’t bother trying and that Cersei will always be one step ahead of her. Jon talks to Bran about his visions and so asks Bran whether he can find out more about the Night King. Bran asks Jon if he will tell Daenerys the truth, and Jon says he doesn’t know it yet.

Jaime and Tyrion are happy to see each other again, despite the dire circumstances. Davos watches how everyone in the army gets a spear of dragon glass and how Winterfell is equipped with dragon glass protection. Gendry gives Arya some special arrows with a dragon glass tip. Arya is clearly in love with Gendry, as she gives him a genuine hug after receiving the dragon glass0 arrows.


Varys and Gilly have a surprising conversation (somewhat filler) with each other about little Sam and Varys notes that they have to do everything they can to give their children a good future, and with Jon and Daenerys as rulers that is possible. Missandei and Grey Worm have a boring romantic moment.

In the courtyard of Winterfell, Lyanna and Jorah run into each other. Jorah notes that Lyanna wears armour from House Mormont and says that she does honour to their house, to which Lyanna answers that he certainly does not. It is a short scene as Sam comes in between and wants to have a word with Jorah. He gives Jorah his family sword, because he can probably better yield a Valyrian sword than him.

Tormund and co. enter Winterfell and tell Jon and the rest that the White Walkers have already passed the Last Hearth and that they will be in Winterfell before the next sunrise. We immediately see a war council with Jon, Daenerys, Jaime, Tyrion, Jorah and more. They discuss how they will deal with the attack. Daenerys wants to talk to Jon afterwards, but Jon always rejects her. She finds him alone in the crypts and there follows an emotional scene in which Jon tells Daenerys the truth; Daenerys doesn’t know how to react to this and leaves the crypts.

In Winterfell, it gets noticeably colder and darker which indicates that the Army of Death is coming. The army is ready in position. Daenerys is sitting in her room and is told that the time has come for the army of the undead to arrive. She is clearly still worried about what Jon has told her. Winterfell’s armies are standing outside and they are all ready to attack. Tyrion witnesses everything from the castle walls. The first White White Walker arrives in Winterfell on his undead horse. Next we see a huge army behind him and not much further on, we see The Night King at poor dead Viserion. End of episode.

The final 10 minutes was really bloodcurdling and the best part of the episode. The episode is mainly a buildup to this battle with some interesting developments in the characters (especially Daenery’s reaction about Jon’s secret doesn’t bode well for the later episodes). King’s Landing is shown briefly. The focus is of course on Winterfell. In short, a better episode than the season opener: interesting dialogues and a great build-up of tension. But still no Ghost, arghh.