(Here We Go With The Leaks)


1:- Varys and Tyrion will arrive at Winterfell by wagon, while Tyrion jokes about Varys and his genitals

2:- Jon and Bran reunite. Jon says “how you have grown, you are a man now” (Hug each other)

3:- Sansa “offers” Winter Fell to Danny. Danny is aware of the cold reception, some small talk the North is so beautiful … you’re as beautiful as the North” ( Daenerys will try to ingratiate herself with Sansa, something like the beautiful north like you)

4:- Subsequently, there will be presentations (Great Northern Assembly)  Jon in the middle with Sansa and Dany on each side. Daenerys introduction. Where Jon officially presents Sansa (images that we have already seen)

(Great Northern Assembly Discuss state of the troops. The young Jon Umber is there)

5:- Bran in the middle of the presentations, will inform about the dragon that the king of the night has and about the threat that supposes (Here Also Give Information About Knight King Destroyed Wall )

6:- Jon says they need to send ravens to let everybody know the Knight King has crossed the Wall and has his own dragon

7:- In Middle Of Assembly Lady Mormont says they named him King in the North and it’s his job to rule it. Not Daenerys. John emphasizes the importance of allies and how they cannot win the Great War without Daenerys.

8:- Tyrion says great things about John and tells everybody his sister promised to send troops. He is confident that the Lannister troops will be coming.

9:- The North is outrage because they can’t believe Lannister troops are coming to the North. Again, John tells them the importance of having allies -Sansa is concerned about the Lannister troops and talks with Tyrion. She asks him if he really thinks Cersei is going to help them. Tyrion vouches for his sister and says they are there to help.

10:- The Assembly does not conclude well. Sansa is pissed “Not only did you bring Danny in the North but now you bring Lannister troops too?”

11:- Sansa meets with Tyrion to talks about the Lannister troops: “You really trust your sister and believe she’ll send troops to help the North?”

(Tyrion, thinking that Cersei is pregnant and she has a reason to fight, he tries to assure Sansa that his sister is somewhat changed and he trusts her and that she will indeed send troops.)

12:- John And Arya reunion – they embrace lovingly. They “compare” swords (Longclaw vs Needle):

John: Did you get to used Needle?

Arya: A time or two

(Jon realises that Sanasa doesn’t like Danny and he asks Arya to help put in a good word on his behalf.)


The Greyjoy fleet gets the Golden Company to Kings Landing

1:- Qyburn tells Cersei that the NK has crossed the Wall and he has a dragon which is great news for Cercei “let them kill each other in the North”

2:- We’ll see a chat between Euron and Yara. He tells his niece that he is going to Kings Landing to fuck the queen

(Euron/Yara talk –

Yara: “why don’t you kill me now?”

Euron: “you’re my family blah, blah … I have better plans than you, I’m gonna get me some Cersei ass!”)

3:- In the Throne Room, Euron presents Harry Strickland & The Golden Company . Strickland is presented, 20,000 men and 2,000 knights. No elephants though, and Cersei is furious

4:- Cersei is having a tantrum, she dismissed Strickland BUT Euron says he kept his part of the deal and now he’s after that Cersei ass: You have to fulfill your part of the deal Cersei . (Sex Betwwen Cersei And Euron) . Cersei again points out the lack of elephants.

5:- (Yara who is on one of Euron’s ships) Yara is rescued by Theon. Theon then asks her if she will allow him to go North and help the Starks. She accepts and Theon heads North with some men. He will be at the Battle of Winterfell.


1:- Davos, Tyrion and Varys will organize the troops . All 3 aware of  Romance Between John And Daenerys .

( love is in the air constantly and escalating:

‘Jonerys’ (John And Daenerys) shippers rejoice the Karstark troops will arrive (eventually … )

2:- Dothraki let Daenerys know what the dragons have been up to.

3:- Jon’s first flying lesson: Dany mounts Drogon and tells Jon to mount Rhaegal. Jon is shocked, but gets on. Scenes of them flying. After the flight they share a passionate kiss.

4:- Arya will also be reunited with the Hound and Gendry (in the smithy), who is preparing weapons for the great war.

5:- Gendry Makes a custom weapon for Arya, One with a longer reach. He modifies the valyrian steel dragon. Gendry refers to Arya as my lady, a bit of sexual tension.

(Different characters will have different preferences in dragonglass weapons and Gendry will try to accommodate them)

6:- For the Hound, the blacksmith will make a dragonglass ax. The hound will tell Arya because he did not kill him, while Gendry will “call her my lady” to “disturb her”. There will be some sexual tension between Arya and Gendry.

7:-  After that first disastrous assembly, Jon has to talk to Sansa. She keeps telling him that his duty is to defend the North and he’s not talking her advice seriously, he keeps telling her they need allies. Eventually Sansa confronts Jon: Did you bend the knee for the North or for love?

8:- Sam and Tarly meet. Jorah introduces them. Daenerys tells Sam he burned his father cause he would not bend. Sam is a bit upset, but he never got along with him anyway so little reaction. Dany says she also burned Dickon. He is much more upset, but he is so noble that he says he understands and thanks her for telling him.

9:- Sam leaves with tears in his eyes and goes to Bran. It is time to let Jon know the truth. Bran tells Sam to do it.

10:- Sam goes down to the crypts. Jon asks him whats wrong , and Sam tells him what happened with his brother and father. Jon is taken by surprise because he did not know.

11:- Sam says that maybe Daenerys lets things get a bit out of hand. Jon says he bent the knee and Dany is the Queen and in charge now.

12:- Sam says that Dany should not be Queen. You should be King. He has some revelations for Jon. Your mother is Lyanna Stark. Your father is not Ned. Your father is Rhaegar. Your name is Aegon.

13:- John shocked face. Says Ned was the most honorable man. How could he lie. Sam says King Robert would have killed him. Jon is taking it all in and that ends there.


1:- Beric, Tormund, and Eddi arrive. They inform that the wall has fallen. Find a kind of weird message on the walls made by the king of the night (White Walker, hieroglyphic-type markings appear on the Wall)

2:- After these events, the king of the night will attack Castle Black and thus the episode will end.