Genre:  Adventure | Drama | Fantasy
Size: 700 MB
Language:  English 2.0
Quality : 720p HDTV
Directed by: David Benioff, D.B. Weiss
Starring: Eddard “Ned” Stark ,Sean Bean ,Robert Baratheon ,Mark Addy ,Tyrion Lannister ,Peter Dinklage ,Cersei Lannister ,Lena Headey ,Catelyn Stark ,Michelle Fairley


Castle Black at night, wolves howl in the distance. Jon Snow lies lifeless in the snow and blood. Davos notices and runs to the body. A few loyal Night’s Watch carry him inside, place him on a table. Eddison Tollert suspects Alliser Thorne. Melisandre comes to see the body and appears puzzled. In the Main Hall Ser Alliser takes responsibility to an angry group and says he was being loyal to the Watch, but Snow was wrong to bring in the Wildings. In the other room the small group plan a fight. Davos hints to Eddison there are others who owe Jon Snow their lives. 

Ramsay Bolton is sad to see his bedmate Myranda dead, he vows vengeance for her but tells the Maester to feed her body to his dogs. Roose Bolton congratulates Ramsay for his command in the battle, but suggests it wasn’t a great victory as the Baratheon army was in poor shape. Roose urges Ramsay to find Sansa and produce an heir, meanwhile his own wife Walda Frey is carrying a boy.

Theon leads Sansa into an icy stream as baying hounds get closer. Downstream they get back on dry land and take shelter by a large uprooted tree. The hug each other for warmth. The hounds close in again, Theon says he will protect her. A group of Bolton horsemen and dogs arrive and surround the two. Brienne enters at the gallop and cuts down the soldiers. Podrick manages to hold his own and Theon makes sure there are no survivors. Brienne kneels before Sansa and offers her life. Sansa accepts and pledges her honour in return.

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